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Santo Niño Clinic Construction Nears Completion

Santa Niño Clinic Nears Completion - March 2014
Santo Niño Clinic Nears Completion – March 2014

Construction of  Santo Niño Clinic is nearing completion. This two-story clinic will provide medical and surgical treatment for the poor in Cebu City, Philippines. Built to modern medical   standards, students and interns from medical, nursing and other professional training programs will work with seasoned professionals to provide up-to-date care for their patients at Santo Niño.

Clinic Interior, March 2014
Clinic Interior, March 2014

Dr. Lucie Gamboa is pictured here with friends, Carmen, Betsy, Christine and Gloria inside one of the new clinic’s rooms. With help from friends around the world, the finishing work will all be completed in time for the planned opening of the clinic at Easter, 2014. Final fund-raising is underway at this time to purchase supplies and complete construction.

Mail your tax deductible contribution (in US dollars) to the Missionaries of the Poor in Atlanta, GA. Label it “Philippine Clinic” and they’ll see that the money comes directly to St. Joe’s Buddies for construction of the clinic!

P O Box 29893
Atlanta, GA 30359
(404) 248-1197
“Whatsoever you did to the least of these my brothers, you did it unto me” Matt. 25:40


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St. Joe’s Buddies Builds a New Clinic

St. Joe’s Buddies is pleased to announce that, thanks to the generosity of our supporters, biomedical equipment and supplies are being shipped to Cebu, Philippines for used in our new Santo Niño Clinic and for disaster relief efforts.

We are grateful to the folks at MedShare who helped us raise the funds necessary to send this aid.

Our next goal is to raise the $80,000-100,000 needed to complete construction of the Santo Niño Clinic. The clinic is scheduled to open in three months. Doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals are lined up to staff the clinic already. We just need to finish building it.

Will you help us?


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